The Dream

The Dream

     We first become aware of dreams, or dreaming, at a young age, say around five. I can't say I recall my very first dream, but I actually do recall a few of my dreams from when I was really young.                                                               Now, when I refer to "dreams" I am speaking of the ones we have during our times of rest not necessarily ones we have in our waking state. We tend to learn a simple meaning to these types of dreams around the same age (five), but I don't believe we truly understand the depth of meaning behind these dreams until we are old enough to envision the possibilities. Growing up in a family that had a history of owning small businesses, including my father who owned a pizza parlor named "New York City Pizza" (in Las Vegas), I aptly developed a dream of one day owning a small business myself. Life reared its ugly side quite early in life when my parents divorced, and that early childhood dream of one day taking over my fathers business swiftly diminished. Though, my dream of one day owning my own grew exponentially stronger. That was almost thirty years ago today, and though it has seemingly taken a long while that early reverie has finally come to fruition. Intuitive Forces is a childhood dream come true, and as I write this initial blog for OUR website I can't help but share that proverbial sentiment of never giving up on "The Dream." Find that dream that drives you, compels you, fuels you to see it through to fruition. For if you never find that dream, and see it through, it will forever be just that... a dream. 

Tim Ingstad Co-Owner of Intuitive Forces LLC.    

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