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Women's Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Women's Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

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 This dazzling Evil Eye Charm bracelet is crafted from Genuine Opal and Emerald gemstones and 18k Gold plated Brass, offering protection against envy, negative emotions, and dislike - notions traditionally linked to the Evil Eye throughout history. Despite the assumed connotations, the Evil Eye is believed to be absorbent and reflective, a notion passed down through generations of people of different cultures.

Gemstones:   Nourish your spirit and drive away negativity with this luminous Evil Eye Charm Bracelet, featuring lush Emerald stones. Be balanced in what you feel, what you want, and how you act with the help of White Ethiopian Opal stones. Like a garden needs to be tended to, Emerald is the perfect crystal for heart chakra healing, offering hope, compassion, and gentle encouragement. 

18k Gold Plated Brass Bracelet


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