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Intuitive Forces

Elder Futhark Runic Necklaces

Elder Futhark Runic Necklaces

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Rope Color

Hand crafted & ONE OF A KIND!!!

Deeply connected to his gifts & Nordic roots. This genius-ness is accredited to one of our very own owners here @ I.F. !

 Anyone who is knowledgeable in Spiritualistic Crafts know that literally EVERYTHING ABOUT that item, one is utilizing, MATTERS. Ash Wood is the wood that was of 'The Tree Of Life" in Nordic & Germanic Cultures.                                                                                  The rope comes in 4 different colors, is 1.5mm in thickness & will be available in a thicker option very shortly.

Length of rope: 18" inches with an adjustable chain of another 2.3".

WOOD: Ash Wood (African Mohogany, Walnut Wood, Alder Wood, Oak Wood)

Rune Options: *FEHU*(wealth,abundance,luck,energy,forsight,fertility,creation).*URUZ*(a wild Ox, physical strength, speed, untamed potential). *THURISAZ*(Thorn, reactive forces, defense, conflict). *ANSUZ*(Odin, Insight, communication, inspiration, True Vision). *RAIDHO*(Chariot, travel, journey, evolution). *KENNAZ*(Torch, vision, Revelation, creativity, technical ability). *GEBO*exchanges, contracts, partnerships Gifts, relationships, Sacrifice). *WUNJO*(Joy, comfort, Pleasure). *HAGALAZ*(Hail, Wrath of Nature, Uncontrolled Forces). *NAUTHIZ*(Need, self-reliance, endurance, survival). *ISA*(Ice, challenge, frustration, psychological blocks). *JERA*(A year, peace, prosperity, fruitful harvest). *EIWAZ*(Yew Tree, Strength, Reliability, trust worthiness). *PERTHRO*(Die cup, mysteries, secrets, Occult abilities). *ALGIZ*(The Elk, protection, shield, ward off Evil). *SOWILO*(The Sun, success, goals realized, Honor). *TIWAZ*(Tyr, Honor, Justice, Leadership, Authority). *BERKANA*(Birth, Fertility, growth, new beginnings). *EHWAZ*(Horse, transportation, change, harmony, teamwork, loyalty, trust). *MANNAZ*(mankind, the self, friends, enemies, social order). *LAGUZ*(Water, power of renewal, dreams, fantasies). *INGWAR*(ING, male fertility, gestation, internal growth). *OTHALA*(Heirlooms, heritage, land of birth). *DAGAZ*(Dawn, breakthrough, awakening, embarking on an Enterprise).

Please do your own research on the meanings of your runic options before choosing. Thank You & ENJOY!

Consecrated & Blessed 

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