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Beautiful Pearl Of Fire Meteorite Pendant/ Necklace

Beautiful Pearl Of Fire Meteorite Pendant/ Necklace

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  • Behold the rare and stunning Pearl of Fire! Ranging from dark charcoal grey-black to smoky translucent, this precious gem is more valuable and collectible than regular, rough Moldavite. An estimated 700,000 years old, it is also known as Chintamani and the Teardrop from the Moon. With high vibrations than Moldavite, Agni Manitite was formed millions of years ago when a meteorite crash landed in the Indonesian archipelago. It's so rare that most pieces are now underwater. Each piece of authentic Pearl of Divine Fire is unique and slightly differs due to its irregular shape, like Moldavite - beware of counterfeits! Handpicked from the depths, Chintamani Stone is perfect for Awakening the Kundalini Energy, Healing and relieving stress.

Saffordite is known as the Holy Grail or Qish Ful-filling tektite. It is a high vibrational stone that lets up move forward. It converts energy into love and makes anything possible. Whatever you feed this tektite will be.

 1 x Collector grade genuine rough Pearl of Fire Pendant (25-30 carat) similar to the ones shown in the photo. 1 x Silver Chain 1 x Adjustable Cotton Cord 1 x Surprise Healing Crystal Stone

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