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Heart Shaped Natural Celestite Crystal Blue Geode

Heart Shaped Natural Celestite Crystal Blue Geode

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Celestite is a sweet blue high vibration crystal, that aids you to contact your guardian angels. It has a lovely gentle uplifting energy that will help you to develop the psychic gifts of prophecy or precognition. I LIVE FOR ALL THAT!!

-Polished to a heart shape( now that's putting in work! ) & comes with a plastic stand. This heart shape make it PERRRRFECTTT FOR GIFTS ON LITERALLY ANY OCCASION!!

Sizes & Weight : /2"-2.4" (5cm-6cm).Weight: approx. 0.2-0.4 lbs./2.4"-2.8" (6cm-7cm). Weight: approx. 0.4-0.7 lbs./2.8"-3.2" (7cm-8cm). Weight: approx. 0.8-1 lbs./  /3.2"-3.6" (8cm-9cm). Weight: approx. 0.88-1.32 lbs./2.4"-2.8" (6cm-7cm). Weight: approx. 0.4-0.7 lbs./ 4"-4.4" (10cm-11cm). Weight: approx. 1.76-2.2 lbs./4.4"-4.8" (11cm-12cm). Weight: approx. 2.5-3 lbs./4.8"-5.2" (12cm-13cm). Weight: approx. 3.2-3.8 lbs./5.2"-5.6" (13cm-14cm). Weight: approx. 4.2-4.8 lbs./5.6"-6" (14cm-15cm). Weight: approx. 5.2-5.8 lbs.

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