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Intuitive Forces

Female/Male/Couple/Cross Candles for Spells; Hoodoo / Voodoo

Female/Male/Couple/Cross Candles for Spells; Hoodoo / Voodoo

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Comes in -- Black ;Releasing,Protection,banishment

/White: purity, health,cleansing energy /

Green: Fortune & Prosperity.

/Red: Love,Romance/

yellow-road opener, communication, success, travel......

orange male is the same as yellow female.

*Couple Figure:  (red)-Erotic sex magic, lust, etc.

(black)-protection (white)-spirituality, cleansing, light, etc.

*Cross Figure(purple)-Domination, Control, Gain,

Figure candles can be used for a number of different spells and rituals and depending on your intentions they can be used to bring protection, good health, prosperity, and luck to an individual or they can be meant to bring bad luck, failing health, and negative energies to an individual. Some uses for our Male Image Candle:

-Remove a curse
-Reflect a curse back at its origin
-reconcile with an estranged partner or lover
-make a coworker stop gossip
-increase luck at the casino or games of chance
-bring blessings into your life, for healing or peace
-control a boss, nagging in-law or neighbor.
-spells to help with the success of a specific task, remove roadblocks and more!


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